Video shows Baltimore residents living in ‘police state’

Baltimore residents have been living under the microscope of aggressive policing and racially profiled after a detective was killed in a surrounding neighborhood.

The ACLU has obtained boy camera footage that shows residents in the Harlem Park area of West Baltimore were ID’d at will by police and had to show their identification on demand to enter or leave their homes after Det. Sean Suiter was shot and killed in November, according to the Baltimore Sun reports

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“What I see in the videos is the people of Harlem Park living in a police state where walking out of their house subjects them to a warrantless stop by a police officer asking them for ID,” said David Rocah, the Maryland ACLU’s senior staff attorney. “None of that, in my view, is legal. None of that, in my view, is what is supposed to happen in the United States.”

After an independent Public Information Act request by The Baltimore Sun and the ACLU, a video was released showing how residents rights were being violated.

In one video, a man was prevented from getting into his home, last November after an officer stopped him on the street about 1:40 a.m.

“In order for you to be able to walk down here, we have to be able to ID you,” the officer says.

The man explains that he didn’t have his ID because it was stolen but told the officer he could get his birth certificate, but it was in his home and he needed to get into the house to tend to his dog. But the officer still prevented him from getting to his home.

The Baltimore Police department, however said it will not comment on the matter pending investigation.

Suiter was shot and killed a day before he was set to give testimony about Baltimore’s corrupt Gun Trace Task Force.

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