Donald Glover spoofing Lebron James and the Cavaliers in SNL skit is the laugh you need today

Lebron James is an island out there all by his lonesome leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory. And an unaired Saturday Night Live skit made light of the possibly that James’ teammates don’t contribute that much help when it comes to playing for the championship.

That’s a hurtful joke they’ll have to laugh off after Donald Glover and SNL’s top comedians trolled the team in “The Other Cavaliers” skit and the struggle the team’s endured this playoff season, reports the Daily News.

Even though the skit was cut and didn’t air, it lives online. And we’re pretty sure feelings will be hurt after watching this hilarious clip teasing the Cavs players.

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Glover along with Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney, introduce themselves as “The Other Cavaliers,” who are basically James’ teammates who don’t offer much to the game. But how do they help? They joked:

 “Every time LeBron makes a free throw, I’m right there with that hi-five like ‘There you go, LeBron!'”

I hold LeBron’s third and fourth cell phone.

I run the pick and roll, that’s where I pick up LeBron’s laundry and roll it on over to his house.

The fictional teammates even include a Roomba vacuum cleaner as the starting point guard. A dog named Pancake in the starting center and even a woman who incessantly smokes serves on the team.

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Is the team that bad that they’re saying a chain-smoker could do better? Funny stuff.

The fictitious teammates say:

“Whatever LeBron needs, we’ll get it done — as long as what he needs isn’t basketball.”


“I average zero points, zero assists, six personal fouls,” another fake teammate said.

“We run an offense called hot potato. LeBron throws us the ball and we throw it right back — hot potato.”

We wonder if James will call up his teammates to apologize on behalf of SNL. Or will they just step their game up?

Check out the clip.