If you haven’t been to the island of Jamaica, now may just be the time to live your best life and book a flight.

My first encounter with Jamaica came after attending Jamaica Carnival, a days-long festival of soca, reggae dancehall and masquerading in Kingston, which takes place every Easter season (see our 2018 Jamaica Carnival video diary to see how lit it was).

But for travelers who like a more relaxing vibe, there are other options too.

Between its beautiful sandy beaches, deliciously savory foods and rich historical landscape, the capital city of Kingston has plenty of wonders to explore.

Grab a friend or get your solo travel on, and check out these special gems for your next trip to Jamrock!

2For an amazing cup of coffee…go to Craighton Estate (home of Blue Mountain Coffee)

Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Estate is one of the world’s most delicious coffees and offers a smooth finish. (Courtesy of Finn Partners)

I love a good trip to the mountains to see the city from a different view.  As part of my tour of Kingston, I traveled up the winding roads to check out Craighton Estates, a 300-acre estate in the Blue Mountains where Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountain coffee is farmed.

Coffee-lovers will find themselves one step closer to heaven, as they get a taste of the coveted drink with a nice rum cake to help clean your palettes in between sips.

Craighton Estate tour guides are also very cool about letting you check out the behind-the-scenes coffee bean roasting process (which smells amazing), while explaining how the beans are harvested. The coffee bean originated in Ethiopia- shout out to mother Africa- and is now exported by the tons to Japan.

While I admittedly don’t drink coffee on the daily, I left Craighton Estate actually enjoying the taste of Blue Mountain Coffee and getting some stunning pictures of the city from the mountaintop.