While the Trump administration is like nothing this country has ever seen before, Daily Show host Trevor Noah is nonplussed and comparing the president to an African dictator.

Sunday, Noah spoke to CNN’s Brian Stelter about the state of American politics, saying the he wasn’t even remotely surprised by President Donald Trump’s antics or the guerrilla tactics of his advisors.

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“I said from the very beginning that Donald Trump reminds me of an African dictator. And if you know anything about African dictators, the first thing you have to do is follow the money. And you follow the money with the people closest to them, family members, business associates…” Noah said.

He added: “And I would have been disappointed had we not found out or had Michael Cohen not done this. I’m like, yes, this is following the script. This is what you were meant to be doing as the person who rolls with Donald Trump. You are always going to be finding a way to swindle cash.”

In fact, Noah thinks we should all be preparing ourselves for a second Trump term because voters and pollsters have miscalculated the rise of far-right politics and its potential to keep growing.

“I think people underestimate how laser-focused Trump and his supporters are,” he explained, discussing the possibility of re-election. “I think people also underestimate how many people in America are willing to accept the adverse effects of Donald Trump as they pertain to the general discourse in America, versus the economy and how people actually feel in their daily lives.”

“There are many people who go ‘I’m offended by Donald Trump, but I’m not affected by him,’” Noah pointed out.

“I think too many people take for granted the ability Democrats have to step in their own way and trip at the finish line. I don’t take any of that for granted.”

Compared to what he calls “a benign existence under Barack Obama,” the current White House is jarring and has frighted our sensibilities, which is why Noah believes comedy is more crucial now than ever to keep us sane.

“As things become scarier, as the world becomes less secure, as people question, you know, the security that they exist within, that’s when comedy becomes more cutting because in many ways, it’s the release valve to that fear or to that tension,” he said.

Check out a clip from the segment below.

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