Donald Glover addresses critics who think he can’t be woke and date a non-Black woman

Donald Glover
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Some people apparently have questions about Donald Glover’s relationship with a non-Black woman after his “This is America” video propelled him into the ranks of being labeled a conscious artist with his finger on the pulse of blackness and police brutality.

But Glover begs to differ with opinions that says he can’t be woke and love a non-black woman at the same time, reports the Atlanta Black Star.

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Also known as Childish Gambino, Glover’s been criticized about his relationship but recently clapped back in a Global Grind interview, defending his personal relationship preference saying:

“That’s what love, I think, really is at the end of the day,” Glover says Saturday, May 12. “It’s not even a selflessness but it’s an understanding that I’m making a safe place for you because it’s not safe out there. Somebody’s out to get you … that’s just the nature of being. And I feel like you can totally love somebody and still look out for yourself. But I think the question really is do you see that someone else as a part of you? If you see it’s ‘we’re people together’ or ‘we’re a tribe together, we depend on each other,’ then you are always gonna want the best for them, I think.”

After becoming a cultural icon overnight for his controversial video that’s already been viewed over 75 million, Glover can’t seem catch a break because social media still ain’t buying his explanation.

“This mother F is not woke,” someone wrote. “He needs to shut up and worry about his non-Black girlfriend and offspring. I don’t care if he is with a person who is not Black, but don’t try to be woke as well.”

“The answer is no, and what he said made no sense,” another offered. “He just talking around the question.”

“It sounds like he doesn’t know why he’s woke and not dating within his race, building family and community in his race, building wealth in his race,” someone else explained. “This is a broader issue of ‘acceptance’ and ‘alienation’ by people of color. Sad situation because you can’t be woke for a cause and canoodle with the historical roots (offsprings) of your ancestor’s oppressors. Makes no sense like his response. Sad.”

Can’t we all just get along?

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