BBQ BACKLASH: 15 hilarious memes about crying white woman who called cops on Black family in Oakland park

Black Twitter wins again!

Life comes at you fast when you're a racist whose been publicly dragged and turned into a meme.


Life comes at you fast when you’re a racist whose been publicly dragged and turned into a meme.

Last week an overzealous white woman (who has been identified on social media as Jennifer Shulte, Ph.D.) drew ire on social media after calling the cops on a Black man who was barbecuing in the park. After the video went viral, hundreds of Oakland residents held a huge family reunion style party in the park in a show of solidarity and masterful pettiness.

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According to the Atlanta Black Star, participants did the electric slide and played classic Black bbq anthems like BBD’s “Poison” while little Black children could be seen jumping Double Dutch in the background.

And now, Black Twitter is once again showing its genius by immortalizing this weeping vigilante’s fraudulent phone call in a series of memes that have us doing our best not to flat out cackle in the middle of the office.

This is just further proof that the internet remains undefeated.

Below are just a smattering of our favorites.

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Calling the cops on the Obamas


Calling the cops on Soul Train


Calling the cops on Civil Rights activists

Calling the cops on Will Smith getting jiggy

Calling the cops on Rep. Maxine Waters

Calling the cops on “We are the World” 

Calling the cops on Blaine and Antoine from “Men on Film” 

Calling the cops on the brothers of Omega Psi Phi

Calling the cops on your nasty potato salad

Calling the cops on “This is America”

Calling the cops on “I Had a Dream” 

Calling the cops on Nelson and Winnie Mandela

Calling the cops on classic R&B and Soul


Calling the cops on Rachel Dolezal

Calling the cops on ALL the Black people


When we call the cops on them