Roseanne Barr Backlash: 10 hilarious #RoseanneCancelled memes from SAVAGE twitter-verse

Social media had no chill when news of 'Roseanne' being cancelled broke.

Roseanne meme

When ABC announced its plan to cancel Roseanne after its star and creator, Roseanne Barr went on a racist Twitter rant against Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett on Tuesday, the social media world wasted no time in prepping their hilarious responses.

Whether simply celebrating the victory of justice or highlighting the hypocrisy of conservatives blasting the network for censoring their patron saint of hatred, the Twitter-verse is on a shade-throwing roll and we love it.

Check out a few of our favorite responses to #RoseanneCancelled.

Roseanne’s racist scandal erupted on the same day that Starbucks stores nationwide were closed for racial bias training and the irony wasn’t lost on us…or Twitter.

Several folks called out Republicans for having a double-standard when it comes to comedy. Michelle Wolfe faced harsh criticism after she roasted White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders last month but the same people who were enraged by her jokes about Sanders’ make up are even more outraged that Roseanne has been cancelled.

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Others noted that Barr’s remarks were nothing out of the ordinary considering she has been spreading preposterous conspiracy theories and making disgusting and demeaning remarks for years.

After vowing to leave Twitter forever after issuing a sub-par apology, Roseanne Barr returned to social media to blame her racist remarks on her use of Ambien. Plenty of people, including the drug’s manufacturer, called BS on her absurd justification.

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Twitter users across the board were quick to poke fun at Barr’s firing and rejoice in the sweet smell of justice.

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And some of us were just petty AF…and proud of it.