The Download | June 19th: Happy Juneteenth + Chadwick Boseman honors James Shaw Jr. + Michelle Obama’s tweet about Laura Bush’s Op-Ed

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Happy Juneteenth Independence Day! It’s been about 150 years since slavery was abolished in the U.S. Confederate South. June 19th, 1865 is the day Black people in Texas finally got the news– a whole two and half years after they should’ve been free. Today we celebrate that freedom and the incredible resilience and culture of African-American people.

Last night at the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards, Black Panthers Chadwick Boseman had everyone talking when he took his win for “best hero” and acknowledged Waffle House hero, James Shaw Jr.

And hundreds of supporters showed out to rally as rapper Meek Mill headed back to court to see if he could get a new trial after violating his probation terms from a 10-year-old conviction. The hearing ended with Judge Genece Brinkley saying she needs more time to decide whether he should get a new trial.

And what’s morally right should always come before political views. Former First Lady, Michelle Obama cheered on Republican, Laura Bush’s, op-ed for the Washington Post, denouncing Trump’s zero-tolerance immigratation policy. Obama tweeted: “Sometimes truth transcends party.”