Trump releases Juneteenth message while he continues to separate children from parents like government allowed during slavery

President Donald Trump (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)


As children and their parents wait to be released from cages at the nation’s borders, President Trump released a statement about the annual Juneteenth celebration which marks the end of slavery America.

How ironic.

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“As a nation, we vow to never forget the millions of African Americans who suffered the evils of slavery,” Trump said in the statement.

“Together, we honor the unbreakable spirit and countless contributions of generations of African Americans to the story of American greatness.”

Juneteenth is the fourth of July for African Americans, and commemorates June 19, 1865, when Gen. Gordon Granger of the Union Army arrived in Galveston, Texas, to free slaves and declare an end to the Civil War. While not a national holiday, festivals are held in various cities marking the day.

“This historic moment would not have been possible without the courage and sacrifice of the nearly 200,000 former enslaved and free African Americans who fought for liberty alongside more than 2 million Union servicemen,” the president said. “These brave individuals fought to defend the God-given rights of those unjustly held in bondage.”

Also, unjustly held in bondage are the hundreds of families, many seeking asylum and the children captive in jail-like cages at the nation’s border.

Oprah Winfrey is the latest celebrity to lash out against President Trump’s controversial and cruel immigration and she took to Twitter to air out her dismay over seeing migrant children imprisoned and hearing the gut-wrenching stories of how they have been ripped from their parents’ arms.

“Babies torn from their parents. Can’t stand it! Will be watching Gayle King and her colleagues LIVE from Texas,” Winfrey tweeted.

His statement concludes, “Today and every day, we recommit ourselves to defending the self-evident truth, boldly declared by our Founding Fathers, that all people are created equal.”

Trump continues to pledge allegiance to lies.

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