EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Destiny, Bozoma Saint John and more on how entertainment industry affects politics

Big Tigger, Tyler James Williams, and Keith Powers also weighed in on the BET Awards red carpet.

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Tons of stars hit the red carpet at the BET Awards on Sunday and we caught up with a few of our favorites to find out their thoughts on the political power of the entertainment industry. Bozoma Saint John, Ryan Destiny, Tyler James Williams, and others had lots to say about how art influences our political system and why more celebrities should be standing up and making statements to affect real change.

Criminal Minds star, Tyler James Williams has lots of opinions on why Donald Trump is so annoyed when he’s criticized by celebrities.

“Thats the reason why he hates us so much. That’s the problem. It’s an industry he always wanted to be a part of. You never really had the talent for it, dawg, I’m sorry,” he said. “We have tons of power because a lot of times we can be voices for the every day person… We have to speak for the audience that we’re playing towards. We can’t stop. It’s annoying and they always want to say, ‘Just shut up and act, or shut up and sing.’ This is what we do and that’s just what it’s gonna be. He can be mad at it al he wants to. He don’t affect my bottom line.”

Bozoma Saint John expressed her desire for more entertainers to use their platforms to take a stand.

“The entertainment industry has always been powerful. I just wish that more of us would use our voice to push agendas forward. When we all yell, it’s actually heard. I want us to do that more.  Let’s not be afraid of the opinions or what it looks like. Let’s use our power for good,” she said. “I wish more people in entertainment would do that more often, and executives too.”

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