Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine released from NYC jail on bail after gang threats

The outspoken rapper quickly dropped the tough guy act when faced with credible criminals

(Photo: okmagazine.com)

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine who was initially arrested for an assault in Texas was thrown into a secure facility at New York City’s Rikers Island jail after gang members threatened harm and ultimately granted release on bail, the NY Daily News reports.

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Tekashi had alluded an arrest warrant but was picked up at JFK airport on Thursday on his way back to the U.S. from a European tour.

Tekashi was first denied bail during his arraignment in Manhattan Supreme Court. However, because of his fame, he was moved to an infectious disease unit where inmates who have a disease or are at serious risk are kept separate from general population.

However, after threats from Trinitarios gang members, who called him names and threatened to cut him, the rapper was granted bail $150,000 by Manhattan Judge Ann Scherzer.

His manager William Cornish secured his released with the help of Empire Bail Bonds.

“Once released he will as early as possible head to Texas to answer the warrant,” his attorney, Ian Niles, said Friday.

Tekashi has an open case in Texas for allegedly punching a 16-year-old. He also has a Manhattan case involving sexual interaction with an underage girl on a social media site in 2015.

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In court, Tekashi plead his case before the judge saying:

“In the short time that I’ve been incarcerated, I’ve learned my lesson to be more responsible,” Tekashi said.

Tekashi also pleaded with the judge.

“I’m not asking you to have sympathy for me. I’m not asking you for anything else at all,” he whined.

“All I ask is to please post bail for this misdemeanor case in which I promise you and the court to take the first flight to Houston, Texas, in which I will have a legal team there ready to speed up the process.”

Judge Scherzer said on Thursday, she was “sure that spending a couple of days in jail has been unpleasant and you wished you had behaved differently.”