White woman arrested after harassing Black man and his pregnant Black partner in California

In an interesting change of pace, a white woman in Berkley, California got arrested after harassing a Black couple.


In an interesting change of pace, a white woman in Berkley, California got arrested after harassing a Black couple.

On May 26, witnesses directed a police officer toward a white woman who was allegedly harassing an ethnically diverse group and physically attacking a Black individual in that group.

According to a Berkley Police Department spokesperson Officer Byron White, the group included two young children and a woman who is five months pregnant. Their attacker, identified as Lauren Milewski, had allegedly been following them for several blocks before things became physical.

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When police arrived, Milewski claimed a “mob of people just came at me from out of nowhere and tried to assault me.”

But according to videos and accounts given by witnesses, she was actually the aggressor, and had been shouting “get out of Berkeley,” before attacking two of its female members.

A woman in the group confirmed Milewski was scratching her and ripping her shirt.

“I’ve had other situations where it was race related. I can handle the hate if I was by myself. I would have taken off running just to have resolved it,” said 30-year-old Essex Cook of Vallejo, who initially was the main focus of the stranger’s harassment. “But my family was there.”

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Cook, says he was enjoying a rare day off with his pregnant partner, and their friends when Milewski approached them. The group is multiracial, and believe she focused on Cook because he was the darkest complexioned person in attendance.

“You don’t belong here,” the woman allegedly screamed at him. “Get out of Berkeley. Get out of here. You don’t belong anywhere.”

Cook’s girlfriend and cousin both tried to intervene, but as Cook tried to encourage his girlfriend to walk away, the stranger attacked his cousin. They were pleading for her to leave them alone when the officer arrived, smelled the alcohol on her breath and assessed that she was the attacker.

In the clip, she keeps asking, “WHY?” and it’s clear Milewski is in shock that she’s the one being handcuffed and not the people she claimed mobbed her.

She was arrested on charges of being drunk in public, resisting arrest, and for violation of her probation.

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