White women

Reps. Lauren Boebert and Lauren Boebert
America is really in a dark place. And I think we all know it to be true. Congress used to
/ November 27, 2021
White woman voter in Virginia
So, Virginia has once again flipped from blue to red. Well maybe, purple. But, nevertheless, Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin won
/ November 3, 2021
A video is going viral of a white woman being reprimanded by her male partner after she reportedly verbally assaulted
/ August 24, 2021
Black woman Keren Prescott thegrio.com
A Black woman who was spat on by a white woman amid a Connecticut protest says “white privilege” is the
/ July 23, 2021
By now, you’ve likely seen the latest video(s) of a crazed “Karen” at a Victoria’s Secret store located at a
/ July 14, 2021
A video has gone viral of a white woman in Missouri who insists she isn’t racist for not wanting her
/ May 3, 2021
White people have a bizarre and vexatious habit of centering themselves in the most intimate aspects of Black folks’ lives. 
/ April 6, 2021