Sen. Tim Scott ‘confident’ in Trump foreign policy…he might be the only one

The GOP Senator seems to be supportive after the disastrous meeting and press conference with President Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin

Tim Scott, the lone black Republican in the U.S. Senate, is sticking by his story and saying that the way President Donald Trump handles foreign policy is “so far, so good,” Politico reported.

While many in the country, including white Republicans in Congress, have said Trump’s news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday was deprecating and an embarrassment, Scott, of South Carolina, told Fox News of the pair’s recent closed-door conversation, “I have confidence that what happened in the meeting is in the best interests of the country.”

“We elected the president; he has to be our leader on global affairs, foreign affairs,” Scott told Fox, which has been accused of skewing its reporting toward a conservative view, but has lately been critical of the White House too.

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“So far, so good,” Scott said. “We have to let him do what he is doing, and be in a position to hold him accountable if we find something has gone off the rails.”

Lawmakers presenting both major political parties were critical of the president’s remarks dismissing allegations that Russia interfered in the general election that landed Trump in the White House.

Scott minimized the critiques as “disagreements,” Politico reported.

“The truth of the matter is that I believe America is more secure today than it has been in the last decade,” Scott said.

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On Thursday, Trump tweeted a suggestion that there would be a second meeting with the Russian leader during which, he said, he anticipated that both would “start implementing” some of the things they discussed earlier this week.

Scott, who has made a point of not joining the mostly Democrat Congressional Black Caucus, has said publicly that he does not believe Trump is a racist, that that he could be more sensitive to issues involving Black Americans and communities of color.

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