Charlamagne Tha God gets his wife to defend him against sexual misconduct allegations

Is he a changed man or a master manipulator?

The Breakfast Club radio host Charlamagne Tha God is finally responding to recent allegations of his sexual misconduct.

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The Breakfast Club radio host Charlamagne Tha God is finally responding to recent allegations of his sexual misconduct.

Earlier this month, Charlamagne came under fire after 17-year-old Jessica Reid, accused him of sexual assault which prompted a petition to take him off the air. Following the allegations, a 2015 clip from Charlamagne’s podcast, Brilliant Idiots, resurfaced where he can be heard admitting he had sex with an incoherent woman.

“She wasn’t coherent, but she was up,” said Charlamagne in the clip. “You know, when you’re blacked out. She was really, really f**ked up.”

After weeks of heated social media debate, Charlamagne finally issued a message on Monday via Brilliant Idiots to clear up his initial statements.

In the six-minute audio, Charlamagne adamantly maintains that he misspoke when he recounted that night.

“I didn’t handle that conversation in the right way,” he said. He also apologized to rape survivors who were triggered by the flippant way he shared the graphic details of that encounter and provided further context about what happened that evening.

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Take a listen for yourself.

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According to Charlamagne, both he and the woman in question went to the sex store to buy the libido enhancer known as Spanish Fly, which they mixed with E&J Brandy.

“Then we both passed out because we were both wasted, that’s what I was attempting to convey,” he explained.

The radio host denies any claims of wrongdoing, and points out this was just an anecdote about a night of consensual sex in 1997. While this statement addresses the viral clip that made its way back into circulation, it makes no mention of Jessica Reid’s account of sexual assault that allegedly occurred four years later in 2001.

In a separate misunderstanding, Charlamagne and his radio co-hosts, DJ Envy and Angela Yee had a quick call-in interview with his wife, Jessica Gadsen to address a recent headline which inferred his first sexual experience with her, while they were dating, was rape.

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“The first time we had sex, we were super young, and super, super drunk,” said the controversial host. I asked her if she considered that consensual sex.”

Listen to what Gadsen had to say about her husband’s recollection of their first night together.