Wiz Khalifa fires back at those who dad-shamed him for letting his kid ride school bus

Wiz Khalifa wants his son to have experiences that all kids do and won't be bashed for it.

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Wiz Khalifa had to remind fans that despite his fame and riches, he’s still a doting dad enjoying the journey of parenthood.

After posting a photo of himself and son Sebastian waiting for the bus on Bash’s first day of kindergarten, Wiz had to get some folks all the way together after being slammed for letting his kid take the school bus.

He even made a point to note that Sebastian “RODE THE BUS AND ERE THANG!” But, it didn’t take long for the trolls to chime in with remarks about how the rapper has too much money to not let his kid ride in proper style.

“Rode the bus..? Take your kid to school wtf,” wrote one commenter while another sarcastically asked “Father of the year?” before going in on Wiz for not picking up his son from school even though the picture was taken in the morning before school started, yahoo.com reports.

Wiz wasted no time firing off an epic clap back at those dad-shaming him.

“To all y’all people asking why I would let me son ride the bus because I’m rich — being rich don’t got nothing to do with a child experiences,” he says in the Instagram video. “He said he wanted to ride the bus with his friends, so let kids do what they want to do. Chill!,” Wiz added.

He previously admitted to feeling nervous about baby Bash going to kindergarten and taking the bus.

“I’m super nervous and confident at the same time. I know I prepared him for this and he’s more than ready to handle what’s next. Love you Bash,” Wiz wrote.

As noted by Complex, this isn’t the first time people have criticized Wiz and Amber Rose’s co-parenting style. Sebastian was previously targeted for his dye job and his love of Taylor Swift.

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