Employees sue Detroit Enterprise car rental agency for discriminatory practices against Black customers


A group of former employees of a Detroit Enterprise Rent-A-Car banded together to file a class action lawsuit against the company for discriminatory practices against Black customers.

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Six employees filed the lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court against the Enterprise Rent-A-Car at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, reports ClickOnDetroit. In the filing, former employees detail how they were instructed to treat Black customers, versus white ones when it came to renting high-end luxury vehicles.

“At the counter we are instructed to get them into something else,” Sauda Muhammad said.

Black customer were reportedly often turned away and told the requested vehicle wasn’t available, while a white customer would be given access, the lawsuit states. Also, according to these employees, black customers from Michigan were given a code name and called “locals.”

“Employees know that locals means; you’re black. It’s not that you’re from Michigan it automatically means it’s a black person,” said Amber Williams. “If a white person walks in, unfortunately, they’re not considered local, they’re just considered a customer.”

The discriminatory operation was so calculated that employees even had scripted answers for Black customers who complained.

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“I apologize but we don’t have that right now but we can get you into this and we’ll waive the fuel charge and take other steps to make you happy but still not give you the car you reserved,” Muhammad said. “The assumption is the vehicle is going to be stolen or you are going to strip it for parts.”

Employees said they complained to management but to no avail.