Weird Rant: Kanye West screams at Detroit college students to leave Tesla’s Elon Musk alone

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Kanye West claims he’s off his bipolar meds, which may explain why he’s hip-hopping cross-country in his MAGA hat while commanding attention with his wild rants about slavery, loving-Donald Trump and how Black folks are being programmed by the Democrats.

When Ye pulled into Detroit for a business meeting at the College for Creative Studies, he reportedly kicked up the mania another notch by jumping on top of a desk and launching into an odd speech saying people need to “leave Elon Musk the f*ck alone.”

“I have to innovate!” said West. “Elon Musk, I don’t give a f*** who is over at his house, leave that man the f*** alone. Leave that man the f*** alone.”

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The Drive reports that during his visit to CCS, the rapper suddenly hopped on a table and screamed at approximately 50 students and faculty. Thankfully, one of them caught it on video and posted it to Twitter.

As noted by, Kanye West never explained who exactly was bothering Musk, but he could’ve been referring to the SEC hitting Tesla and Musk with a $20 million fine each and forcing the South African born billionaire to resign as Tesla’s chairman.

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Or perhaps he’s calling out rapper Azealia Banks, who made headlines back in August after claiming that singer Grimes invited her to Musk’s L.A. estate so Banks could work on her own album. But the “Anna Wintour” rapper alleged via her Instagram Story that Grimes spent the weekend comforting Musk, who was allegedly in his feelings about not being able to secure funding for his business ventures. Banks also compared her stay at his home to the horror film Get Out.

Good news?

West also took the time recently to share an update with fans about his father’s health status, noting that Ray West’s cancer is in remission. To celebrate, the pair ate a plate of bugs.

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“Overcome fear,” Kanye captioned an Instagram photo showing the insects. “My dad and I are going to eat this plate of bugs to celebrate him beating cancer. No more fear,” Kanye added.


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overcome fear My dad and I are going to eat this plate of bugs to celebrate him beating cancer. No more fear

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