The Download | October 18th: Barack Obama addresses excuses for opting out of voting + Tarana Burke address #MeToo comedy series project

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Former President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign rally for Senator Bob Casey (D- PA) and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf on September 21, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Midterm election day is November 6th. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Former President Barack Obama has a message for you and your friends. He isn’t here for folks tired excuses for not participating in elections.

In a new video with ATTN: Obama touches on seven excuses that people use for not voting. One excuse is: “ I don’t care about politics” and this is what he had to say: “When you opt out– that’s what allows other people to essentially fill that void. It allows them to do absolutely nothing about what you would like to see the gov’t do.”

Make sure you’re registered to vote and on Nov 6th, let’s vote candidates in the office that will make a change for people like us.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James issued an apology for his first tv ad. The ad began airing two weeks ago and caught a lot of heat after a blog and a liberal advocacy group pointed out the swastika poster in a school scene.

In a news conference, James stated, “I need to fess up and admit this was a terrible error on our part”

James also clarified that he does not approve of hatred or bigotry in any form.

Tarana Burke isn’t too fond of director Lee Daniels latest project in the works According to reports, Daniels is teaming up with Whitney Cummings to create a #metoo comedy series.

In an interview with NYTimes, Burke says:  “It’s just so offensive that you think in this moment when we’re still unpacking the issue that you can write a comedy about it.”

It all leads back to the question: Are certain topics off limits?

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