Hillary Clinton joke saying that Black folks ‘all look alike’ falls flat

Oh, Hillary. We were all rooting for you, but after a bad joke saying all Blacks ‘look alike’ the Former

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Oh, Hillary. We were all rooting for you, but after a bad joke saying all Blacks ‘look alike’ the Former Secretary of State drew criticism about her distasteful attempt at getting a laugh.

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Clinton was caught up in a moment during an interview with Kara Swisher of Recode. Swisher, in fact, misquoted Cory Booker for saying something Eric Holder actually said.

“What do you think of Cory Booker … saying, ‘Kick them in the shins essentially’?” Swisher as Clinton to which she replied with correction: “Well that was Eric Holder.”

“Eric Holder, sorry,” Swisher responded, according to video of the event. 

“I know, they all look alike,” Clinton said jokingly.

“No they don’t,” Swisher quickly shot back.

Clinton and Swisher were talking about political correctness when Clinton made the PC mistake. Before she made the quip, she told Swisher, “’what’s often called political correctness is politeness” and “not being rude and insulting to people,” but apparently didn’t heed her own advice.

“It’s respecting the diversity that we have in our society she added.

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Hillary Clinton on Monica Lewinsky

In recent weeks, Clinton’s comments have kept her in the headlines.

Clinton clapped back at claims that her husband former President Bill Clinton abused his power by having an affair with an intern Monica Lewinsky while in office, CNN reports. Clinton said it was not an abuse of power because Lewinsky was an adult.

Clinton called into question the sexual harassment allegations made against President Donald Trump while talking with CBS on Sunday morning.

That statement stirred up social media and #MeToo founder Tarana Burke who blasted Clinton.

“When I think about the things that Hillary Clinton said about the Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton affair not being an abuse of power, that is just tragic and it’s wrong,” she said in an interview with The Root.