A San Francisco 49ers cheerleader took a knee on the same team former quarterback Colin Kaepernick was booted from for his protest against against police brutality.

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On Thursday, the protest was perhaps the first for a cheerleader this season when the 49ers played the Oakland Raiders, ABC News reports. The photo of the kneeling cheerleader is shown from behind, so her ethnicity and identity remain unclear.

It seems that the cheerleader is taking a stand for the former teammate, and the picture has been shared thousands of times on social media.

Kaepernick is now suing the NFL, claiming that he was blackballed from being hired after leaving the 49ers because of his activism.

Carolina safety Eric Reid, a former San Francisco 49er, is also dedicated to the cause of fighting racial injustice and recently he took a knee on the sidelines of the Panthers-Baltimore Ravens game and received some support outside of the stadium as well.

And as the national anthem played, at least 30 other people outside the stadium kneeled along with him in solidarity too.

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“We’re not kneeling to be unpatriotic,” Seeking Justice Consortium founder and organizer Kass Ottley told the Charlotte-Observer. “We’re kneeling to just really put a spotlight on the oppression of people of color in this country, and the history of oppression of people of color in this country.”

The group was also on hand to lift up the names of victims killed by police in Charlotte and around the country. They held signs and chanted: “All lives matter when black lives matter,” “Stop killing black people” and other chants.

Like Colin Kaepernick, Reid is suing the NFL over collusion for keeping him out of the league because of the protests. While detractors continue to insist wrongly that the former Super Bowl quarterback Kaepernick is simply out of the league due to lack of talent, no such case can be made for why the former Pro Bowl defensive back Reid was left out.

And while the NFL and President Donald Trump believe that the #TakeAKnee movement is to blame for the declining TV ratings, a study by USA Todayreveals that the protests had little impact.