KKK flyers left in Maryland neighborhood shocks residents ‘It’s just disgusting that folks are putting out this kind of hate’

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A neighborhood in Ellicott City, Maryland was littered with Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers, something police said they are investigating since it has been on the rise in recent months.

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“The fliers are awful,” said Howard County Police Department spokesperson Sherry Llewellyn, WTOP-FM reports. “Certainly the police department denounces this hateful act.”

Some 40 fliers were collected from along Main Street and police are asking anyone will camera surveillance footage to turn it in if it shows the culprit in action.

The hateful acts are unsettling and Howard County Councilman John Weinstein called them “disgusting”.

“To have it hit home here, it’s beyond disappointing,” said Weinstein. “It’s just disgusting that folks are putting out this kind of hate.”

In a statement, outgoing County Executive Allan Kittleman said, “There is no place for hate in our society and after all Ellicott City has been through in the past two years, it is heartbreaking to see this community faced with this disgusting display of anti-Semitism, racism and intolerance.”

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South Baltimore Riverside gets hits with KKK Flyers

Maryland seems to be a major recruitment hub for the Klan. Last month, flyers were discovered in South Baltimore’s Riverside neighborhood, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The flyers were lined along sidewalks along Belt Street and the surrounding area, the police said. It was the second time in as many weeks that KKK propaganda was found in the area. Residents saw similar flyers on the same block where 25-year-old Timothy Moriconi, who was white, was fatally shot outside his home in late September.

Two suspects, a black man, and a black woman from Baltimore were arrested in connection with the killing. Deandre Devon Sleet, 23, was charged with first- and second-degree murder and Kiara Treasure Wesley, also 23, was charged with a gun violation. Police said Sleet shot Moriconi and Wesley drove the getaway car which was identified from surveillance video provided by residents. The police have reported that the victim and the suspects did not know each other.