Trump Lovers Only: Founder of conservative dating site threatens to sue liberals who attempt to join

In MAGA news today, the founder of a new dating website targeted at Trump supporters says she'll take legal action against people using it who don't share her views

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The founder of a new dating site for Trump supporters is now threatening to sue any liberal who tries to join and disrupt their peace.

According to the Daily Beast, Christy Edwards Lawton is the founder of Righter, a website for conservatives who feel like they’ve been unfairly rejected by potential mates for their political views. And Lawton has made it clear that when the site launches later this month, there will be “zero tolerance” for any liberals who sign up.

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Critics have have pointed out that it might be difficult to track down every anti-Trump member of the public who seeks to access the site, but Lawton explained that people seeking to troll Trump fans will stick out like a sore thumb, adding, “I have a very nice legal team that will be handling that.”

Lawton says she was inspired to create Righter after meeting a “stunning” female Trump supporter while at a party in New York who complained she couldn’t get a date because of her politics.

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“I’m a Republican,” the woman allegedly whispered to Lawton at the event. “They don’t want me.”

“I kept hearing repeatedly how they kept getting swiped left on and couldn’t even get a date,” said Lawton, who fundraised for Trump’s 2016 campaign.

From that frustration the idea for Righter was born, which according to the site’s Instagram page, is seeking to be seen as a place where Trump supporters can let down their guard, slap on a red MAGA hat and escape the constant rejection they’ve experienced on more liberal dating services like Tinder and Bumble.

Not surprisingly, social media has had a field day mocking the brand, with many referring to it as “Tinder for incels.”

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