In the third episode of theGrio‘s Journeyman series, travel correspondent Fitz Henley hops in his Ford F-150 to showcase the latest and greatest of Houston’s style and fashion culture, including a dope store and a contemporary night life.

Because Fitz loves to always look his best when traveling, he’s joined by style influencer, Philip Adesulu, who schools him in the look and feel of Houston’s finest.

“Fashion is one of those things that defines you,” said Adesulu. “If you look good, you’ll feel good.”

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Lesson one is to find a place that’s going to help you be your best. Brothers in Houston go to the Who Chopped barbershop to get a fresh, down-south line-up and straight to the point conversation.

Lesson two begins at The Tipping Point, a store owned and operated by native Houstonians that’s dedicated to the curation of limited-edition apparel, footwear, accessories, books, art, and music. Consider this a one-stop-shop for sneaker heads who set their own trends by rocking a confident but relaxed style, but in search of that one pair that’s going to set them apart from everyone else.

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Of course, no trip is complete without an amazing night out on the town. Lesson three has Fitz rolling up to The Alley Kat bar and lounge in the Ford F-150 to enjoy live music, food, drinks and hi-tech bowling and gaming, but he can’t do it alone. This is the place where you can meet up with friends or make some new ones. The Alley Kat literally has everything you need for night to remember.

“Every city has something special to offer,” said Fritz. “Some call it home, while others come to create everlasting memories.