It’s never too late to jump start your diet and keep your New Year’s resolutions to eat better so you can feel better. Just in time, food and fitness expert Kevin Curry is releasing his new book, Fit Men Cook: 100+ Meal Prep Recipes for Men and Women – Always #HealthyAF. Never Boring (Simon and Schuster), created to keep you both honest and on track.

The Dallas-bred Curry, 37 is the social media sensation whose FitMenCook blog, app and YouTube channel have taken off, drawing in millions of online fans who are interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle while enjoying great food that won’t put on unnecessary pounds.

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Curry’s journey started a few years ago when he was working in marketing with Dell Computers, and later as a branding consultant. Sure, he hit the gym three times a week, but they were lackadaisical visits boosted by the fact that he was regularly visiting his favorite taco takeout spot eating boatloads of chips and salsa.

“I would go there literally every week, twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays, and I would ask them to put them in one of those Big Gulp cups,” Curry said. “I would eat that as my dinner. It’s hard for me to even think about that now because things are so different.”

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Today, Curry is clocking in at a lean and muscular 5’9” and 195 pounds. His new book examines eating healthier meals as part of the journey into self care offering soulful, healthy recipes (check out his Sweet Potato Lasagna below) that can mesh nicely with a lifestyle that includes meal-prep and fitness.

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The self-made health influencer talked with theGrio about his finding the right balance between food and fitness that makes the most sense for a busy lifestyle.

theGrio: How did you begin seriously adding fitness into your life?

Curry: I work out four or five times a week. I keep it varied. I do body building. I focus on a particular body part each day. I really like to keep it interesting in non-traditional ways. I joined an MMA (mixed martial arts) class. It’s a new way to get the heart rate going. I joined a City Surf class. You’re on a surfboard balanced on top of stability balls. It’s crazy but engages you in a brand new way. I also try to do yoga. I enjoy going to the gym. I say sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

theGrio: We know the preparation for your videos can take hours. How long does your personal meal prep take you?

Curry:  It doesn’t take me long because I’m always multitasking. I have four things to make. I’m not going to cook one thing, but everything at the same time. That will save much more time in the kitchen. That comes with practice. I do a whole week’s worth of food in and hour and a half. It’s achievable. I’m not a trained chef – that’s the beauty of it.

theGrio: Millennials are super busy. When you’re hustling at more than one job and trying to make your mark, how can you possibly make time for meal prep and working out?

Kevin Curry: We’re looking at the end goal and that’s such a daunting thing. You have to just start. If you drink a whole six pack of sodas every day, start with that. We call it the “Rule of One.” Just find one thing that you can do … and then move on to something else and then see what happens.  You’ll get really excited and say, ‘That wasn’t so bad. I could probably do my dinner. I could probably make something for breakfast now.’

The other sad part of this is if you don’t have time, diabetes has time, high blood pressure has time, depression has time.

Kevin Curry

theGrio: Why is meal prep so beneficial?

Curry:  First off, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body when you make your food at home. Then you accelerate your weight loss or your fitness goals, so that’s a huge benefit. In a restaurant, you don’t know how much oil they’re using or butter. Also, it’s a huge money saver.

One of my signatures is a $75 meal prep – five (small) meals (each day) for five days for $75. Here’s where this came from: I was looking at my bank account. I realized I was spending $75 each week for my lunch, and then add a quick purchase here and there, so it was like, ‘Wait a minute, what if I can buy groceries for $75?’ I turned it into a goal.

theGrio: What has been the biggest benefit in changing your lifestyle?

Curry: The biggest benefit was a change in my mental health; you just feel better. It was like the day after Thanksgiving or soul food Sundays at my house where you feel great when you sit down at that meal, but then you have to unbutton your pants. We have to instead make sure we’re enjoying foods in the right portions and also in calorie-conscious ways.

theGrio: Why is this message of health and fitness so important?

Curry: It’s a message that resonates with people because, at the end of the day, diabetes doesn’t care what color you are and people are just tired of a boring, bland diet. I am really conscious about the obesity problem in Black and Brown communities. I want to make sure I get this message out to help as many people as possible.


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