Black Chefs

Chef Lazarus Lynch thegrio
Millennial chefs like Lazarus Lynch are rewriting the playbook in creating a soulful and long lasting career in the culinary arts.
/ February 27, 2019
Kevin Curry
FitMenCook guru Kevin Curry uses meal prep in his new cookbook to prove it’s never too late to jump start your diet and eat better so you can feel better.
/ January 15, 2019
Kelis is known for bringing the boys to the yard, but now she has them coming to her farm as […]
/ March 9, 2018
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
The reigning Queen of Soul Food for 50 years, Ms. Woods presided over her namesake Harlem restaurant feeding dignitaries, tourists, and locals alike with recipes perfected over time and always served with a generous side of kindness and warmth.
/ July 26, 2012
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
theGRIO REPORT – But Borges, 31, has never felt compelled to do the expected. Indeed, Amali’s executive chef, Nilton Borges, Jr., a soft-spoken Afro-Brazilian with an easy laugh, is not what one would expect at all.
/ June 26, 2012