Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie faces backlash over video of granddaughters ‘breastfeeding’ dolls

Social media footage of Steve and Marjorie Harvey's granddaughters pretending to breastfeed drew backlash, but the grandmother quickly clapped back

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Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey attend the 2015 Ford Neighborhood Awards Hosted By Steve Harvey at Phillips Arena on August 8, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Neighborhood Awards)

A seemingly innocent video of Steve Harvey’s granddaughters has attracted unexpected backlash on Instagram.

According to The Daily Mail, Monday, the talk show host’s wife Marjorie Harvey posted a clip of her grandchildren, three-year-old Elle and four-year-old Rose pretending to breastfeed their dolls with watching television in their pajamas.

“Rose and Elle breastfeeding dolls,” she captioned the video along with the crying-laughing emoji.

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When asked what they are doing, Rose explains they are “Feeding our babies.”

“From our boobies,” interjects Elle with a smile.

The cousins probably got the idea from watching Rose’s mom, Amanda Harvey, a 25-year-old model, who is married to Marjorie’s son and Steve’s step-son Jason. The couple recently welcomed their third child, a little boy named Ezra Nehemiah, into the family and so the focus has understandably been focused on their newborn lately.

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Amanda has also been very open about her choice to nurse her 4 month old and that same day also posted a video that shows her talking to her followers while she breastfeeds Ezra.

While Marjorie Harvey found the clip of the children mimicking her daughter-in-law endearing, some of her more discreet fans complained that the video was tacky and inappropriate.

“Next they will have their children on social media emulating ‘how to use a sanitary napkin,”‘ wrote one upset follower. “Everything is not OK.”

“I have nothing against breastfeeding,” concedes another but, “This is not cute at all. These are little girls. The time will come when they are of childbearing age and breast feed their own child.”

“She should have given them toy baby bottles to play with instead,” suggested someone else.

The backlash soon sparked a heated debate between those who found it offensive versus others who saw it as a big fuss over nothing. Eventually, Harvey stepped in and addressed the varied reactions.

“Cleary some of y’all weren’t breastfed,” she clapped back. “Maybe that’s the problem. Some of y’all need a hug.”

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