Amanda Seales accuses Myron Rolle, NFL player turned neurosurgeon of inappropriate behavior

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Amanda Seales doesn't have to explain herself to anyone. (Photo by Jeff Hahne/Getty Images)

Amanda Seales is speaking out about a very uncomfortable situation.

The actress/comedienne posted a video that explains that former Tennessee Titans player turned neurosurgeon, Myron Rolle is the man who has contacted her on the internet and said “troubling things” to her on the phone.

According to TheJasmineBrand, Rolle is currently a neurosurgeon at Harvard Medical School and was a Rhodes Scholar who studied at Oxford University and the Florida State University College of Medicine.

The Insecure star who recently debuted her HBO comedy special, I Be Knowin’ said she felt the need to name Rolle after her tales of her interactions with him prompted other women to reach out.

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“I really don’t take it lightly what I’m about to say. Um, because when you name names, you know, you put not only that person out there, but you also put yourself out there. But, I feel as a woman who makes it my business to be a warrior for the truth, that it needs to be said. I, on my podcast, um and on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ spoke about an individual who had approached me on the Internet and we spoke on the phone, and, they said some troubling things in the conversation that made me take a step back,” she said.

“With literally no investigation, it was brought to my attention he had sexually harassed a woman by opening the door when she came to meet him for a date butt naked. And then telling her that she was the one overreacting.”

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Amanda Seales explained that she decided to name Rolle after several women described their own experiences with him based off of stories she told on her podcast and The Breakfast Club. 

“When I spoke about him on my podcast and on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ I didn’t say his name. I literally just said a couple of characteristics about him and it has been shocking and incredibly discomforting to me, how many women, eight as of tonight, that have come forward to say his name. And that he had been incredibly problematic and behaved in a very sexually predatorial way that could have gotten him fired. I say all that to say, if you are approached by Myron Rolle, you should just be mindful.”

Check out the video, captured by TheJasmineBrand: