Former NFL player gunned down after parking dispute with neighbor


A former Seattle Seahawks player’s life was cut short after arguing with a neighbor who then fatally shot him over a parking space.

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On Sunday, 46-year-old Anthony ‘T.J.’ Cunningham died after he was involved in a fight with a neighbor in Colorado, the Daily Mail reports.

Apparently, things escalated from a series of text threats into a street fight and ultimately ended in gunfire, Arapahoe County police said.

Cunningham and 31-year-old Marcus Johnson went back and forth in texts, Colorado, police said before deciding to “settle” their dispute by meeting in the parking lot outside a local high school on Sunday morning, 9 News reported.

Johnson shot Cunningham at a parking lot between two schools, and he reportedly told investigators that his neighbor attacked him earlier in the day, and they met near the high school to settle their dispute over a parking spot.

Cunningham, an assistant principal for Aurora Public Schools and a former University of Colorado football player who was drafted by the Seahawks was rushed to the hospital where he died Sunday.

According to police, Cunningham was shot several times. Johnson was charged with first-degree murder.

Only one firearm was found on the scene, police reported.

Cunningham’s family has set up a GoFundMe memorial fund with a goal of $100,000.

“TJ Cunningham, a prominent Overland High School football star, CU Buffalo and eventual NFL football player for the Seattle Seahawks, was senselessly shot by a neighbor after a dispute and taken from this world while doing nothing more than protecting his family,” the site says.

“TJ’s legacy is beyond words and he has left behind a wife and five beautiful children who depended on him as a husband, father and primary provider.”

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