News crew robbed while covering Oakland teachers strike; security guard shot

A news crew out covering teachers who walked off the job last week had a dangerous episode as robbers made off with a camera and opened fired at them


Over the weekend, a local news crew covering the Oakland teachers strike was robbed by two suspects who not only stole equipment but also shot the crew’s security guard before fleeing.

According to CBS San Francisco, early Sunday evening, reporter Joe Vazquez and photographer John Anglin were conducting interviews about the strike at the Oakland Library when they were approached by the assailants.

Right before 5 p.m., a car pulled up to the KPIX news van. The two suspects got out of the car and one pulled a gun, demanding their camera. Once they surrendered the camera and tripod the crew began walking back to the van, but shortly afterwards, one suspect and the news team’s security guard started shooting at each other.

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After the guard was shot in the upper leg, first responders transported him to Highland Hospital while Oakland police officers were in a pursuit of the champagne-colored Lexus sedan used as a get away car after the shooting.

During the chase the driver of the Lexus crashed the vehicle into several cars, enabling police to detain him. According to Alameda County Sheriff spokesperson Sgt. Ray Kelly, right after the shooting, the driver’s accomplice walked into Highland Hospital, seeking treatment for several gunshot wounds. Hospital staff notified authorities and deputies showed up to arrest him as well.

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Oakland Police spokesperson Johanna Watson confirmed that the stolen camera was recovered and several other individuals in connection with the armed robbery and shooting have since been detained.

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Meanwhile the district, Oakland United said Sunday that talks ended Sunday with no resolution on issues including salary and class sizes, according to the Associated Press. The Oakland Education Association vowed that its 3,000 teachers would continue to walk picket lines again on Monday.