Students protest racism at another Brooklyn private school


Students at Mary McDowell Friends School in Brooklyn Heights staged a protest in February in an effort to fight against what they call institutional racism and sexism at the elite school.

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This latest controversy comes a week after news broke about a  racist video surfacing from students at The Ethical Culture Fieldston School in the Bronx, an upscale private school in NYC. It’s the third racist video from a New York private school to make headlines.

Staffers and students from Mary McDowell said administrators failed to address their concerns about racism at the elite school for students with disabilities and held a protest Feb. 14.

Many believe that administrators didn’t do enough to address a student who made racial slurs and reportedly said “all Muslims are terrorists.”

Although the student is no longer at the school, many students and staffers believe the administration was slow to respond.

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Mary McDowell Friends spokeswoman Ruth Pachman said that the school addressed the incident by holding discussions with kids about racism and other issues, The NY Daily News reports.

The school has now also reportedly hired someone to handle diversity and cultural efforts.