Former White House advisor Valerie Jarrett teams up with Lyft to celebrate International Women’s Day

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It’s Women’s History Month. and Lyft has teamed up with former Obama White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett (who also sits on their board of directors) to celebrate the phenomenal contributions that women have made to our society throughout history.

Kicking off on March 8, which is officially recognized as International Women’s Day, Lyft is offering $10 off a single ride to or from places that honor women and women-owned businesses across 33 U.S. cities, including historical monuments, museums, women-owned business and more.

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Rides are available until the end of the month and include locations such as the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Harriet Tubman Memorial in New York City, Next Step Soul Food Cafe in Boston, Harold Washington Library Center in Chicago, Jane Warner Plaza in San Francisco and the Forest Lawn Museum in Los Angeles.

“The reason why I was so attracted to the Lyft board was because they are mission-driven and they care greatly about their social values. I think during Women’s History month, it’s just so important that we take a moment and learn more about our nation’s history and the important role that women have played in that history,” said Jarrett.

“I think Lyft can make a huge contribution to the national discourse and I’m delighted that we’re engaged in this campaign,” she said.

The partnership includes a video of Jarrett and other civic heroes who are making incredible contributions to communities across the country. Each woman shares the places that have truly inspired her commitment to civic work.

Some of the women include Chicago’s Kim Hunt who is the Executive Director of the Pride Action Tank (PAT), a project of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, St. Louis’ Brittany Packnet, who serves as Teach For America’s Vice President of National Community Alliances, and San Fransico’s Sherilyn Adams, who is the Executive Director of Larkin Street Youth Services, a non-profit focusing on issues of child abuse and neglect, family violence, mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness. 

“My recommendations cover the intersections of my identities – Black, cis gender female, queer – and my personal and professional interests. Except in the winter months, I can’t imagine living anywhere else!” said Hunt. 

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In the videos, Jarrett and the other women offer insight about women’s rights and other issues. Jarrett who was the longest-serving senior adviser to a president in history, also shares her favorite historical women monuments, and discusses her tenure in the White House.

“The fact that so many women feel empowered to get involved whether it was the Women’s March or the number of women who ran for office, in Congress and also at the state and local level – is so inspiring,” said Jarrett in the video.

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“I take great pride in saying that women of all generations are getting involved, but particularly the younger generations, because often times they don’t feel empowered and wonder what can they do. Right now they know what they can do, and they’re getting involved.”

Take a look at the clip below: