Texas student accused of pouring bleach on roommate because of weed?

A Prairie View A&M University student was charged with aggravated assault just before spring break.

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A Prairie View A&M University student was charged with aggravated assault after allegedly pouring bleach on her roommate during a fight sparked by the smell of weed in their apartment, according to WKYC3.

Brianna Esomchukwu, 18, was arrested before spring break on March 8 for attacking  Julisha Wyatt, 19, at the Prairie View, Texas, school, the report says.

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Keith Jemison, Prairie View A&M University chief of police, said campus police responded to a medical call at the on-campus apartment. Brianna was taken into custody, where she allegedly confessed to pouring bleach on Julisha during a physical altercation, the chief claims.

What sparked the fight?

Julisha reportedly complained to her resident assistant about smelling marijuana in the apartment, the report says.

Brianna, on the other hand, claimed that Julisha continuously locked her out of their apartment.

Brianna’s enrollment and status is currently under review, according to a university spokesperson.

Julisha was was treated for minor burns and bleach in her eyes at a local hospital, and released.

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Julisha’s aunt, Lenell Wyatt, said she didn’t expect for her niece to be dealing with issues like this.

“You never think that you’re going to get a call saying your baby, your child, has had bleach thrown in her eyes,” Wyatt told the news outlet.

Since Julisha will be returning from spring break soon, her aunt hopes that she will be able to finish the semester and put this situation behind her. She also said Wyatt will probably move out of the apartment under campus police escort.

“I want her roommate to be punished,” the aunt said. “I want Prairie View A&M to realize that this was a serious situation, and could have been much worse than what it is.”