San Francisco
Angela Alioto during the 2018 San Francisco mayoral race. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, file)

A San Francisco Democratic Party official is in hot water after she was filmed repeatedly using the N-word during a public meeting

According to Fox News, calls are being made for civil rights attorney Angela Alioto to be removed from the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee over a disturbing incident that took place during an April DCCC meeting with African-American union members .

While responding to a remark from a Black woman who had shared her experiences about hearing the racial epithet in the workplace, Alioto used the N-word herself, apparently to the discomfort of those in the audience.


“Full disclosure, I’m a civil rights trial lawyer,” Alioto said in a video of the meeting. “It’s what I do,” then continued, “It’s the law that the word n—– in the workplace is racial harassment and racial animus. It’s a direct animus.”

“You very rarely have direct evidence of discrimination. You very rarely have, ‘I’m not going to work with this n—– I’m not going to work with that n—–.’”

To some, it almost felt as if the former San Francisco city supervisor and three-time mayoral candidate was using the topic at hand as an excuse to freely say the word in a public forum. After she’d uttered it for the sixth time, the crowd asked her to stop.


Once news spread in the Bay Area of Alito’s unchecked use of the word, local Republicans questioned why Democrats hadn’t vocally criticized or condemned her the way they would have done so had she been a member of their party.

“When it comes to racism in their own party, they remain quiet,” Jason Clark, the chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party, told Fox News.

Monday, the local GOP also put out a statement calling for her removal.

“The San Francisco Republican Party is disgusted by Angela Alioto’s choice of insensitive and racist words at the recent San Francisco Democratic Party Central Committee (DCCC) meeting,” the statement said. “There is no place in our city, nor anywhere in America, for such insensitive and brazenly racist language, which goes squarely against San Francisco’s values of inclusiveness and social justice. We therefore call on the DCCC to do the right thing and remove Ms. Alioto from her committee position without delay.”


San Francisco Democratic Party Chair David Campos clarified that Alito had in fact been reprimanded for her actions and apologized for her lapse in judgment.

“I went too far, and I am profusely sorry that I offended anybody,” Alioto said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “I get passionate, no question. I was in a teaching zone. I started giving examples of that word in my other cases to show everyone in the room that (discrimination) is pervasive in San Francisco government.

“But I feel so horribly that any person, especially any African American woman, was offended,” she said.