Travis Scott donates merchandise profits from Alabama concert to Planned Parenthood

After a week of anti-abortion bills being passed in Alabama and Missouri, Travis Scott decided to donate his merchandise sales from a weekend concert at the Hangout Music Fest in Alabama to Planned Parenthood.

Travis headlined the music festival on Friday and during his set, he announced that he would be donating any proceeds from his merchandise to Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit national organization that provides reproductive healthcare.

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Although the Astroworld rapper didn’t specifically mention the recent abortion ban in Alabama, he told his fans that he was making the donation out of love and reminded them that love is the way forward.

“I wanna just donate my net profits from our merch today to Planned Parenthood,” Travis said during his set. “I love y’all and I just want everyone to know that love is the strongest thing we can have,” before performing SZA’s song “Love Galore.”

Pitchfork said Scott added: “We feel for those out in Alabama,” before breaking out with his “Love Galore,” song.

This comes on the heels of Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signing an abortion bill into law, considered to be the most restrictive ban of its kind in the nation. The law, passed by the Republican-led chamber makes performing abortions a felony unless the woman’s health is at risk.

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Many celebrities have denounced the Alabama and Missouri laws, including OffsetJohn Legend, Rihanna and more. Offset posted a tweet that he has since taken down, equating the anti-abortion bills to slavery.

Additionally, on Friday On Thursday, the Missouri Senate approved legislation that makes it illegal to perform abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. Like Alabama Missouri’s bill and grants exceptions for women whose lives could be endangered by their pregnancies, but do not allow for exceptions in cases of rape or incest. Missouri’s bill is expected to be signed into law by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R).