Rihanna gets tipsy with Seth Meyers off drinks like ‘Under My Rumbrella’ on Late Night show

Needless to say it was hilarious watching the comedian and singer throw back liquor, dance and chop it up

It’s official: we want to be Rihanna when we grow up. She gets to be a talented singer, make-up and


It’s official: we want to be Rihanna when we grow up.

She gets to be a talented singer, make-up and lingerie designer and recently, she went day drinking with Seth Meyers and hilarity ensued.

In Thursday night’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Fenty Beauty mogul was Meyers guest at a bar, where he played bartender concocting drinks after Rihanna’s hit songs, according to HuffPost.

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To get things started, the pair downed shots and then guzzled beers before they started down the road of her song titles and drinking games.

Seth concocted cocktails loosely based on the names of some of Rihanna’s chart toppers, including a drink called “Under My Rumbrella,” where he poured straight rum over rum balls and rum raisin ice cream and topped with a bunch of tiny toothpick umbrellas. He also made drinks entitled: “We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place,” featuring a Veuve Clicquot champagne that was garnished with a hostess Twinkie.

Then, Seth and Rihanna played drinking games, where the late night host would ask Ri-Ri questions by showing her paparazzi photos of her donning different outfits and asking her to name the occasion where she wore the outfits, Entertainment Tonight explains.

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Rihanna is just the latest to participate in Seth Meyers “Late Night” comedy laughs.

Of course, the segment wouldn’t have been complete without some hilarious dancing.

Rihanna has been making huge boss moves these past few months with her Fenty Beauty line. The line launched in 2017 and has since expanded into lingerie and a fashion collection. Just as Rihanna is making sure that her makeup line is inclusive of all skin complexions, her Fenty clothing line also fits a variety of different body shapes. Ri-Ri wouldn’t have it any other way.

All of this impressive work is paying off – Rihanna was recently named the richest female musician by Forbes, besting Madonna for the top spot.