Broadway actress Audra McDonald slams theater-goer who took photo of graphic nude scene during play

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Audra McDonald, who stars in the Broadway production of “Frankie and Johnny” blasted a theater-goer who dared to take a photo during a graphic sex scene when she was nude while performing on Sunday in New York.

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McDonald, 49, reportedly felt violated by the offense, especially since no flash photography is allowed by audience members during the performance.

McDonald stars as Frankie in the play and there is a graphic sex scene between the two main characters, McDonald and her co-star Michael Shannon’s character at the beginning of the production.

The actress took to Twitter to call out the offender, who unfortunately wasn’t caught in the act, Deadline reports.

“To whoever it was in the audience that took a flash photo during our nude scene today: Not cool. Not cool at all.”

Six-time Tony-Award winner McDonald admits performing the scene is something she still hasn’t gotten used to.

“Maybe strippers get real used to it, but for me, there’s nothing normal about that,” she told the NY Times last month. “So there’s nowhere in my mind that I can drift off and let this just kind of happen because everything about it is demanding that you be present.”

Even though the whole ordeal is no laughing matter to McDonald, comedian David Alan Grier just couldn’t help himself from joking about the situation.

The play will continue to run through Sunday July 28 at the Broadhurst Theater in New York City.

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