REPORTS: Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty obtain marriage license in Beverly Hills

It looks like Nicki Minaj may be ready to walk down the aisle if these rumors are true.

According to reports, the rapper and her beau, Kenneth Petty, obtained their marriage license in Beverly Hills on Monday.

TMZ has reported that the couple was spotted at the Beverly Hills courthouse and witnesses saw them at the marriage license bureau window. Of course, they could have been there conducting other business but considering how Minaj has been flaunting their love on social media, marriage doesn’t seem like a stretch.

Another hint? The window they were at reportedly had a sign over it that read: “marriage licenses and ceremony appts. ONLY.”

Back in June, Nicki Minaj told listeners of her QUEEN Radio podcast that she and her man had already obtained a marriage license. The document that’s required to tie the knot is only good for 90 days, so chances are they’re looking to make things official pretty soon.

Nicki Minaj stands by her man: ‘Money cannot buy me happiness and good sex’

Although Nicki Minaj has been open about her love for Kenneth Perry, whom she dated as a teenager and reunited with last year, some folks have been concerned about his sketchy past. Minaj has bitten back at haters and recently explained her loyalty to her lover on her podcast.

“When a person is with a n—- that loved them before they had a dime in their pocket? How do you not understand that? How do you not understand happiness vs clout?” Minaj said, according to E! News.

“How f—ing dare you talk about lowering standards,” she added. She then scolded her critics telling them to “wake up” and expressed how deeply her love for Petty runs.

“It’s the truth, money cannot buy me happiness and good sex,” Minaj said.