Janet Jackson concert was more than an ‘escapade’ for Houston man

A dad who was surprised by his sons with tickets to see Janet Jackson got an even bigger surprise when he thought he was only going to get an autographed T-shirt

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A Houston man who calls himself Janet Jackson’s number one fan got the thrill of his life over the weekend, thanks to his sons.

Back in June, when Keith Strawder Sr. learned that his sons had purchased tickets for him to see Ms. Jackson in concert, he was beyond ecstatic, as witnessed in a video that went viral.

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On Sunday, that excitement reached otherworldly proportions when the 54-year-old got to meet his idol at her Sunday show in Las Vegas, according to The New York Post.

Someone in Janet’s camp apparently saw the viral video and got in contact with Strawder’s sons to arrange the ever greater surprise, which took place on Sunday.

“I had to keep this whole thing a secret,” KB Strawder, 30, explained to The Post. “It came together flawlessly.”

“He’ll probably come down off cloud nine sometime next year,” KB added.

After watching his favorite performer sing at the Park Theater on Sunday, KB told his father to follow him to an elevator area, and told him “someone wanted to give us an autographed Janet T-shirt,” KB said.

But after they got there, Jackson herself showed up.

In the new video, Keith is going on and on about how much he loved the show and didn’t notice as Jackson walks up behind him. After he said that he enjoyed her stage entrance best of all, Jackson hugs him from behind and says “that’s really sweet,” and he nearly loses it.

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“I didn’t want to overreact,” Keith told The Post afterwards. “I just wanted her to know that she’s such an overall wonderful person.”

After the initial surprise, Keith collects himself and the two start talking about San Diego, where Keith formerly lived. He told The Post that the conversation felt “very normal, very easy.”

“It was like we’d been friends forever,” he said.