BLACK GLAM: Rebekah Aladdin on beautifying Black Hollywood

Rebekah Aladdin

Johnny Wright is back with another installment of Black Glam and this time, he is sitting down with celebrity makeup artist, Rebekah Aladdin, to find out all about how she keeps Black Hollywood looking fab. Her long list of clients includes Lena Waithe, Winnie Harlow, and Kiki Layne among others.

The gorgeous guru who happens to have a twin sister keeps some of the most famous faces in Tinseltown looking flawless, but she didn’t set out on the path she wound up on. In fact, she has aspirations to become an architect and admits her first love is music. She decided to try her hand at doing makeup in the entertainment industry in hopes of meeting people who could help get her music career off the ground.

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She has become a go-to makeup artist for celebrities who want to show off their natural beauty. “My specialty is natural glam,” she says.

Even though she started doing make up full-time just five years ago, she already has two Met Galas under her belt. She even managed to perfect two clients each time.

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“My first Met Gala was with Lena Waithe and Winnie Harlow and it was also their first Met Gala as well,” she explained. “I did Kiki Layne and Lena [Waithe] this year.”

Find out how Rebekah Aladdin pulled it off and get her advice for aspiring makeup artists in the interview above.