Twitter roasts Kanye West after images of new ‘Yeezy Crocs’ leak

The hilarious online reactions to the controversial rapper's latest footwear offering quickly went viral

Twitter roasted leaked images of Kanye West’s new athletic shoe offering (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Kanye West is no stranger to critique for his interesting choices in fashion and his new shoes are no exception.

On Thursday, images from of West’s new sneakers featured in The Face Magazine were leaked by Yeezy Mafia and according to Complex, they are reportedly being called the “Yeezy Foam Runner.” The white, oddly shaped shoes have several holes throughout, were first seen early in the summer on the feet of West and Kim Kardashian West‘s daughter, North West, until the recent images were leaked. And when people took a closer look, the shoes seemed to remind many social media users of another well-known shoe brand: Crocs.

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Twitter users quickly dubbed the “All Falls Down” rapper’s new footwear “Yeezy Crocs,” and Complex reported that they compared the shoe to your unhip dad’s favorite walk around kicks. With the seemingly endless cycle of jokes ensuing, the term trended for most of the day- which we would surmise is probably what West was after.

“The yeezy crocs look like they could be a new pokemon,” @JoeJoeColes tweeted.

“Kanye really made Yeezy crocs. The Yocs,” @JoeJoeColes humorously noted.

“Twitter, Today: LMAOOOO Yeezy Crocs these sh*t trash who would wear these ugly a** shoes. Twitter, Release Day: didn’t get my Yeezy Crocs guess i’m gonna have to pay $428 for them on the secondary market,” @jtylerconway captioned.

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However, there were definitely some fans who admire the shoe and gave props to West for creating a unique product that could get people talking.

“I want these ugly ass yeezy crocs so I can flex on people when running errands,” insists @isackgmanalo

“The only crocs I will ever wear outside . I love them . Yeezy is a genius” @eni_oti gushed.

West’s new shoes are expected to debut sometime next year.