Killer Mike calls out T.I. and Candace Owens for arguing over ‘who got the best master’

Killer Mike
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 18: Rapper Killer Mike visits Build to discuss his series "Trigger Warning with Killer Mike" at Build Studio on January 18, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Following Diddy’s REVOLT Summit in Atlanta over the weekend, a clip of T.I. and conservative commentator, Candace Owens, went viral over their heated debate about Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

“When you say ‘Make America Great Again,’ which period are we talking about?,” Tip asked Owens. “The period when women couldn’t vote, the period when we were hanging from trees, or the crack era? Which period in America are you trying to make America like again?”

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Owens attributed the slogan to Ronald Reagan, and attempted to drop a false fact about America being the first country to end slavery. Unable to answer the question, co-panelist Killer Mike dismantled the entire debate in order to make sense of what Owens was trying to articulate.

“What y’all are seeing right now are free people arguing over who got the best master,” Mike told the audience in reference the disagreement between Owens and T.I., Complex reports.

The Run the Jewels member went on to note how America was “great” for Black folks during the seven years following the Civil War, primarily because of their accumulation of land during this time and for being highly skilled laborers.

Mike also addressed Owens’ anti-immigration stance and how America’s economy will always rely on a slave class.

“You have to remember that people that look like you immigrate too,” Mike said. “So before you widely say ‘F*ck ’em all,’ remember: America is always going to have a slave class. And, if illegal or legal immigrants won’t be the lowest-paid workers, then those in prisons will be and that always ends up looking like one of their sons so it circles back around.”

TheGrio previously reported, Killer Mike, T.I., and Owens appeared on the panel with moderator Jeff Johnson, Trump advisor Katrina Pierson, and activists Steve Pargett and Tamika Mallory. The summit will host another edition in Los Angeles  in October.

You can view the entire discussion below.