Whoopi Goldberg rocks a radical change to her locs on ‘The View’

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Is Whoopi Goldberg jumping on the silver hair trend?

The comedian and talk show co-host left fans wondering as she sported platinum white locs on the set of The View on Thursday.

Goldberg actually revealed that she switched up her ‘do for her latest role in Stephen King’s The Stand, where she plays a 108-year-old character.

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Last week, while King was a guest of the show, Goldberg announced her latest role in the CBS All Access series The Stand, based on King’s 1978 novel. Goldberg will take on the role of  Mother Abigail, hence the all-white hair transformation.

During a discussion on her upcoming role, Whoopi expressed her excitement for portraying an elderly Black woman.

“People need to know that 100 is no longer what you think 100 used to be. When [Stephen King] first wrote this book, Mother Abigail was probably this tall (holds hand low), and she looked like Miss Jane Pittman on steroids,” Goldberg said, referencing the 1974 TV movie The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.

“[Back then] people had no idea what older Black women looked like, because no one looked at old black women. Now we look at an older Black woman [and] you’re looking at amazing faces,” Goldberg stated.

When co-host Joy Behar said, “Black don’t crack,” Whoopi co-signed the sentiment, while adding, “But we do spread, but we spread well. ”

When Behar asked Goldberg if her new ‘do makes sleep difficult, she reminded her co-host that her hair has “been longer,” in the past.

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“Well, my hair has been longer than this. Just before I started this show, my hair had been down to my butt. You just kind of wrap it up,” she said.

As for how long she plans to keep the fierce new look, Goldberg revealed “this will be my look for the next four months.”