Twitter temporarily suspends Baltimore politician for ‘excessive tweeting’

Black Twitter

A Maryland state lawmaker was suspended from her Twitter account for what the application called “excessive” tweeting about use of public transit and climate change, but gave the account back just a day later.

Baltimore Del. Robbyn Lewis said Twitter suspended her account for violating its spam policy with the use of “excessive” hashtags, citing, “prohibiting the misuse of Twitter product features.” A day later after her appeal, Lewis’ account was up and running again, CBS Baltimore reports.

Lewis says she was using the hashtags to get her constituents on board with using public transit on Car Free Day.

But in doing so Lewis, apparently added a barrage of hashtags which Twitter said was used “with an intent to subvert or manipulate a conversation or to drive traffic or attention to accounts, websites, products, services or initiatives,” and “tweeting with excessive, unrelated hashtags in a single tweet or across multiple tweets.”

But Dave Heilker, a candidate for Baltimore City Council wasn’t buying Twitter’s defense of the suspension and instead insinuated that Lewis was racially targeted by the social media platform.

Also, State Delegate Eric Luedtke demanded Twitter offer a better explanation, saying it is commonplace for politicians to use their social media platform to reach their base.