Aaron Dean refused to talk to detectives after killing Atatiana Jefferson

Meanwhile, her 8-year-old nephew has bravely had to recount details after details about his aunt's murder

Aaron Dean refuses to cooperate and speak with detectives about the case, but Atatiana Jefferson's nephew has stepped up to give details about the murder.

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At just 8-years-old, the life of Atatiana Jefferson’s nephew has been thrown into a whirlwind after he witnessed his aunt get gunned down right in front of him.

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Likely traumatized from the unthinkable event, Jefferson’s nephew has had to recount that story to police over the last few days. The grammar school student has had to recall the tragic moment when he saw his aunt’s body hit the bedroom floor, and give account of how she laid dying with blood oozing, after a bullet pierced a bedroom window from the gun of former Fort Worth police officer, Aaron Dean.

As for Dean, he has not. He abruptly quit the force after killing Jefferson, made bond after being charged with her murder, and unlike an 8-year-old child who has had to man-up and speak up, Dean refuses to cooperate and speak with detectives about the case, CNN reports.

What we know from Dean’s attorney Jim Lane is that the trigger-happy cop says he’s “sorry.” But the Fort Worth attorney declined to talk about the case, reports say.

Jefferson’s nephew gave his account of his aunt’s last moments. According to the boy, the two were up late Saturday and hanging out in a bedroom playing video games.

Jefferson reportedly heard noises in her backyard. Her nephew recalled that it was so concerning for her that she grabbed her gun from out of her purse to defend herself, and “pointed it toward a window.”

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Dean was reportedly answering a welfare call to check on the family.

As The Grio previously reported, interim chief of Fort Worth police Ed Kraus believes it was the homeowner’s right and defends the decision that ultimately cost Jefferson her life.

“It’s only appropriate that Ms. Jefferson would have a gun,” Kraus said at a news conference Tuesday, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Kraus contends that it “makes sense” that Jefferson was armed.

“When you think there’s someone prowling around in the back at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, you may need to arm yourself. That person could have a gun.”

Kraus confirmed that Dean hasn’t talked to investigators.

“I cannot tell you what he felt. He did not give a statement,” Kraus said Tuesday.