“Breakfast Club” intern is brutally attacked inside of a Lyft Pool car, according to her lawyer

Jasmine Yvette [Screenshot]

An intern for the radio show, “The Breakfast Club” was allegedly attacked inside of a Lyft Pool car on Nov. 24, just after she hosted “The Glammy’s” in midtown Manhattan.

Jasmine Yvette, 28, said she was attacked by Cristiano Moura, a former Christie’s International Real Estate agent, whom the LYft driver had picked up after Yvette. Yvette said she was on her phone and briefly the volume went up when she scrolled to Instagram. It was then that she alleges Moura “violently demanded” that she dial back the volume to which Yvette replied that it “was not a big deal,” according to amNewYork.

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The recent graduate of City College said it was then that Moura grabbed her phone with such force that he shattered her screen and called her one of “those ignorant uneducated black bitches,” reported amNewYork.

After this, Yvette alleges Moura punched her in the face and body and bit her hand.

“I was trapped in the back of a car and I had nowhere to go. And I had this man who was just angry. I have anxiety attacks like every 15 minutes. My mind’s just been all over the place,” Yvette told news outlets.

Moura maintains his innocence and says Yvette was the aggressor. He was arrested on Thursday and received a desk appearance ticket for assault, according to amNewYork. Moura is due back in court on Dec. 23.

“I am a minority myself (gay and a Latino man) and have the utmost empathy for people,” Moura told amNewYork via email. “She threw me into a racial war that I do not belong to, and never started, putting my integrity and safety at risk.”

Since the incident, Moura claims he has received more than 200 threats.

The Lyft Driver pulled over at 7th Avenue and West 55th Street and called the police. When officers arrived, Yvette says they never asked her to give an official statement. Instead, her lawyer, Tahanie Aboushi said officers “spoke to the perpetrator and then gave her (Yvette) two options: to get into a Yellow Cab (to) go home, or go to jail,” Aboushi told AM NY.

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Aboushi said she also faults Lyft for not intervening or pulling over sooner. A spokesperson for the company said the “behavior described” is not allowed on Lyft and the company would be assisting police in their investigation.

So far, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has not responded to the incident, even while Aboushi is calling on the office to charge Moura with a hate crime.

In his email to amNewYork, Moura called the incident “an opportunist stunt” and said the accusations are “false and constitute as libel/slander.”