Sabrina Dhowre became the latest celebrity to test positive for coronavirus days after husband, Idris Elba, announced that he had tested positive.

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While speaking to Oprah via livestream on her Apple TV+ series, “Oprah Talks,” the model told the talk show host that it was her instinct as a wife to stay by her husband’s side after his diagnosis.

The couple have been quarantined together for several days after Elba took to social media to announce that he had coronavirus. The actor said he was inspired to do so after Tom Hanks opened up about his diagnosis.

“We didn’t change the way we interacted,” Dhowre during the livestream.

“I could have made a decision to put myself in a separate room or maybe stay away and I’m sure people are making those decisions, they’re tough decisions to make. But I made the decision to want to be with him and still touch him.”

Elba believes he and his wife contracted the virus at about the same time, he told Oprah.

“On the day of the exposure, we were together at home and had been together right until I had departed to fly so at any point then,” he told Oprah during the livestream, “and prior to us knowing, if I’d caught it, she’d certainly have caught it in that time period as well.”

The couple has been asymptomatic, but both got tested anyway, according to TMZ.

“I don’t feel anything that would come to what people would now expect to be a symptom of coronavirus, which is really strange. It might change in the coming weeks, and we’ll keep everyone updated.”

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Over the last week, celebrities have been criticized for having access to the coronavirus testing while it has been hard for many others who do not have wealth and status to get tested.

TMZ reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease specialist on The White House Coronavirus Task Force, urged people as late as Saturday not to get tested if they are asymptomatic.