Rapper Desiigner gives his tenants a break on rent during COVID-19

The Brooklyn-born rapper is not only a music star, he's the landlord for several NYC properties

Desiigner joins Xbox Live Sessions with host Rukari Austin to play FAR CRY 5 in New York City. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Xbox)

The coronavirus pandemic has seen celebrities step up to help with relief efforts. Rapper Desiigner is doing his part by giving his tenants in New York a break on their rent.

The “Panda” artist recently spoke to Forbes for a virtual interview and revealed that he is a landlord in New York for multiple properties. The Brooklyn native wanted to ease the worries of those who have been financially hit hard by COVID-19.

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“Some people can’t afford rent right now and I have to hold that. How are you going to be able to live for the next couple months?” he told Forbes.

“You gotta take it easy on your tenants, be understanding of what’s possible right now. I have to take the hits because I also don’t want to see anybody on the street. I can help so I do.”

The 23-year-old hip Hop artist–born Sidney Royel Selby III— is working with United Way of New York City, a nonprofit whose goal is to help lower-income residents in New York.

The state has been particularly hit hard by the coronavirus as there have been 196,098 confirmed cases of the virus and 16,482 deaths according to NYC Health. United Way of New York City established a community fund to support those most in need during the health crisis, partnering with over 600 based community organizations to help.


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Desiigner released the song “Survivor” to encourage people. The video showcases footage of people suffering, an abandoned Times Square, and the devastating statistics of COVID-19 including the United States having the most infections in the world.

But he rapped about how he “ain’t worried about a thing” and that there would be a celebration after the crisis ends.

“This [pandemic] is something we’ve never experienced in our life before and we’re losing a lot of loved ones. We just gotta worry about holding it down. We got these great people on the frontlines. So I don’t want to make the world more worried, I want to be someone who puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good,” he told Forbes.

“I tell my friends, “We’re all here for a purpose of elevation. None of us are here to be nothing.”

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