NYPD officer caught displaying ‘white power’ symbol during protest

There has been no acknowledgment about the display by officials who instead praised cops for how they have conducted themselves during the protests.

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The NYPD has been caught on camera engaged in questionable behavior once more and this time it is of an officer throwing up what is believed to be a Neo-Nazi power sign.

In footage that has gone viral, an unidentified police officer is seen displaying the “OK” sign that is now associated with white nationalism. Laughter could be heard in response, apparently by another officer. It happened during a protest over the death of George Floyd that was taking place in Union Square Saturday evening.

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Police are viewed outside of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Manhattan following the mistaken arrest of James Blake, a retired top-10 professional tennis player on September 10, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

“NYPD officer in Union Square throws down a “White Power” sign and his fellow officer cheers him on,” Chad Loder, Founder/CEO @Habitu8, captioned the video.

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According to a report by The New York Times last year, touching the thumb and index finger to make a circle to denote “OK” is no longer the innocent gesture once thought of. It’s been appropriated to express racist sentiment and can be traced back to 2017 when users on 4Chan began “Operation O-KKK,” to trick liberals and the mainstream media into believing that the OK symbol now stood for racism. Their efforts turned real as white nationalists adopted it for their cause as the letters now formed W and P, for “white power.”

There has been no acknowledgment by officials about the display by the officer. Instead, Commissioner Dermot Shea praised the NYPD on social media for how they have conducted themselves during the protests that have erupted since George Floyd’s death on Memorial Day. Shea placed the burden of blame on “agitators” he believed came from outside the city in his address to cops.

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“What you’ve endured these last couple of days and nights—like much of 2020, so far—was unprecedented. In no small way, I want you to know that I’m extremely proud of the way you’ve comported yourselves in the face of such persistent danger,” the commissioner began.

Shea went on to post that the demonstrations over Floyd’s death were no longer about “police brutality” or “peaceful protest.” He believed that law enforcement was the victim of the unruly.

“What it was, quite frankly, was a mob bent solely on taking advantage of a moment in American history, to co-opt the cause of equality that we all must uphold, to intentionally inflict chaos, mayhem, and injury just for the sake of doing so,” he tweeted.

“The willful destruction of property will never be a legitimate expression of outrage with injustice. It is, itself, injustice. And no attempt at justification — on television, in newspaper columns, or on social media — will ever, ever make it otherwise.”

Shea expressed the desire that the public would be able to spend one day in the lives of the NYPD. He was sure that opinions would change as a result.

“Thank you for standing up for the rule of law. Thank you for upholding the oath all of you swore when you became protectors of this great city. And thank you for what you continue to do as each new day appears. Please keep watching out for one another, and always be safe.”

The support comes a day after Mayor Bill de Blasio backed the men and women in blue after they were seen on camera ramming their cruiser into a crowd in Prospect Park. De Blasio also blamed the protestors for escalating tensions.


New York City Police gather at an active crime scene on 32nd Street (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

On Sunday morning, he revised his statement to make clear that he did not approve of the actions.

“I did not want to ever see something like that I don’t want to ever see it again,” de Blasio said during a Sunday press conference. “And clearly, we need to do a full investigation and look at the actions of those officers and see what was done and why it was done and what could be done differently.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others accused de Blasio of “making excuses” for the NYPD.

“As mayor, this police department is under your leadership,” the Democrat congresswoman tweeted  Sunday. “This moment demands leadership and accountability from each of us. Defending and making excuses for NYPD running SUVs into crowds was wrong.”

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