Los Angeles County to allow TV, film production to resume

L.A. County's Public Health Director, Barbara Ferrer, announced modifications to the health order issued to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

A view of the Hollywood Sign on the Hollywood Hills. Valery Sharifulin/TASS (Photo by Valery SharifulinTASS via Getty Images)

It looks like Hollywood may be making a comeback.

Tinseltown came to a screeching halt when the coronavirus pandemic hit and forced all TV and film productions to shut down. Now, Los Angeles County officials have announced that production can resume this week.

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On Wednesday, L.A. County’s Public Health Director, Barbara Ferrer, announced modifications to the health order issued to combat the pandemic. Some of those changes include re-opening of some sectors, as long as they adhere to the mandated protocols.

According to Deadline, the order will go into effect on June 12, meaning some productions could resume by Friday.

Gyms, museums, summer camps, zoos, hotels, and campgrounds are also allowed to reopen under the order.

On Monday, California’s Department of Public Health issued guidelines that would also allow movie theaters to reopen as soon as June 12.

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It’s hard to imagine how safety measures will affect the way Hollywood operates. The idea of face masks on-set and practicing social distancing, while filming scenes with multiple actors, seems daunting at best.

It’s also hard to determine whether or not Black actors and actresses will be ready to work on projects while many of them are busy using their platforms to fight racism and police brutality.

Tons of celebrities have been protesting alongside their fans in the wake of the George Floyd tragedy, while others have found themselves at the center of controversy for their responses to the unrest, or lack thereof.

Considering the number of people other than actors and directors who are employed by the TV and film industry, Hollywood’s re-opening could have a profound economic impact. Let’s hope the move isn’t happening too soon.